About Us

Welcome to Chico Jack’s, I’m a new mum to the gorgeous Jack, my name is Lucy! Firstly - I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to visit Chico Jack's! 

As soon as Jack was born, I was overwhelmed with questions - how do I do this, is this normal, when can I sleep, will I ever be able to go to the toilet alone again!

My husband Josh and my wonderful family were really accommodating and supported me and my new family in every way possible - but one question still played on my mind - surely there is a better way to breastfeed and look good.

I spent the first few months in ‘easy access’ shirts, tops that I could ‘maneuver’ to allow me to feed Jack as he needed. But it wasn’t easy - and I didn’t want to wear practical clothes all the time - I wanted to wear the things I used to wear, so I started Chico Jack’s with the support of my wonderful mum.

This clothing range allows you to look good AND have easy access to breastfeed. Our range of clothes is specially designed and hand picked by me - tried and tested you could say.

We’re all new to this in some way or another and my goal is to help you at least with one of the many challenges mumma’s face every day, allowing you to spend as much time as you can enjoying your little eggs early years.

I want to create a community through Chico Jack's, allowing people in the same situation to talk to one another and share their stories - follow us on Facebook or Instagram and please send us some snaps!

Chico Jack's - My Family